Site specific long term performance

One channel video

Duration: 12:48 minutes


In Jerusalem , the Light Rail connects the different parts of this tense city .The route goes along the former border that divided the city to east and west. In the work "Approaching", I positioned myself behind one of the glass train stations of the Jerusalem Light Rail. I drew the body outlines of the passengers sitting at the station, directly on the glass walls of the station, using an erasable marker.  As time passed, people and objects that had passed by, remained present in the station. 


Water Score


Duration: 17:30 minutes


The score:

To observe the prints that I am making on the floor.  

When an intense feeling rises, to write it with the water on the floor.


I am here now because I will be somewhere else  / 1

Hair embrodery on paper

Size:6/11 inch

I am here now because I will be somewhere else / 2


Cloth, cardboard, wood


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