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Lavender weaving 2022

image: Maya Baran

Screen Shot 2020-08-09 at 14.12.39.png

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יְעֵלָה וילשנסקי





Wilschanski’s primary medium is sculpture, layered with performance and video. Her time based architectural garments carefully construct large geometrical forms, evoking frames such as window, door and table. These transformative wearable items the artist enters into, suggest structural shifts in both the artist’s body and the garments. Based on wood or PVC pipe frames, these opaque swathes of material caress her body as they progresses into various forms, gradually revealing several garment sourced from, and returned back into the frame. Through her choreography and combination of mediums, Wilschanski examines the notion functionality and corporeality in a environment she creates.


As the artist moves within and reconstructs relation to these fabrics, not only does the form change, but also the appearance of her own body in them, as it (dis)appears in between these layers, in which it morphs with care and balance. Wilschanski embodies the very idea of self-maintained in her performances and attire: she builds and destroys; sets the table, eats, and then cleans; she mourns, grieves and consoles; she is the one being born, and the deceased. The playfulness this setting enables, transforms the appearance of her body; at times it seems diminutive in relation to the structure, and at times consumes it.

Working with fabric and assembled pieces, are both pragmatic and creative choices for Wilschanski. Like a magician, she disassembles and reassembles these forms that are larger than her body, while their compactness allows for a less cumbersome transport and minimal studio space. This sophisticated design and mechanism is essentially an extension of her body and reframing of her body, which she considers to be the anchor in her performance pieces.




Ye’ela Wilschanki is an interdisciplinary New York based artist.

Wilschanski has had solo performances / exhibitions at The Border Gallery (NYC 2022) ,mhPROJECTnyc (NYC 2021), Das Schaufenster, (Seattle, WA 2021) A.I.R. Gallery (NYC 2020), Movement Research at The Judson Church (NYC 2019). Selected group shows include, Long Story Short Gallery (NYC 2021), The New School XReality Center (NYC 2021) and A4 Art Museum (Luxelakes China 2018)
She has participated in residencies at Monira Foundation, NJ (2023) Ponderosa Artist Residency, Stolznhagen, Germany (2022),  Lake Studio Dance Residency (Berlin, Germany 2014)  Aesthetics & Bias, Wroclaw, Poland (2014). 
Awards include NYSCA/NYFA Artist Fellowship: Craft/Sculpture (2023), ILYSM Artist Grant (2020)  Foundation for Contemporary Arts Emergency Grant (2020)
Wilschanski received an MFA from Hunter College (NYC, 2019) and a BFA from Bezalel Academy of Art and Design (Israel, 2014)


2022       Afloat, Ta Tarbut, curated by Lee Barbu, Tel Aviv, Israel

2022       Afloat, HaMifal, Haya Performance Events Series, Jerusalem, Israel

2022       Afloat, The Border Gallery, curated by Jamie Martinez, NY, USA

2021       AperturesDas Schaufenster, curated by Anna Mlasowsky, Seattle, WA, USA

2021       Queen Size Aqueduct, mhPROJECTnyc curated by Mayumi Hayashi , NY, USA

2020       Bat Levi, A.I.R. Gallery, curated by Nicole Kaack, NY, USA

2019       Molehill, 7Midnights Physical Research, Arts on Site, curated by Jiali Wang, USA

2019       Pelvic Floor: Blue Walls Brown Floor, Movement  Research at the Judson Church, NY, USA

2019       Knife, Gallery Cubed, Spring/Break Art Show, curated by Nathan Rayman, Queenie Wong, NY, USA             

2015       Molehill, Tower of David, curated by Inbal Dekel Goldberg, Jerusalem, Israel 


2022        Gravity, Long Story Short NYC, curated by Will Leung NY, USA

2021        The Maze, What Would The Egg Do? curated by Rinat Sherzer, The New School XReality Center virtual.

2020        Famous Chimps curated by James Chrzan, virtual.

2018        The Maze, Sanatorium of Childhood, curated by Li Jie, A4 Art Museum, Luxelakes ,China

2018        Memorial Wreath, Aesthetics & Bias, curated by Adina Bar-On, Marek Wasilewski, Galeria Arsenal, Poznan, Poland

2016        Memorial Wreath, Body: Of Works, curated by Hila Lulu Lin, Nivi Yahalom, Bascula, Tel Aviv, Israel

2015        Woman's Sphere, curated by Shirel Safra, The Great Flood Collective, Jerusalem, Israel           

2015        Sitting Breathing Touching, Granata, curated by Nina Schwartz, Hansen Media Center, Jerusalem, Israel

2015        Movement Research Performance Events #1-5.

                Collaboration with Dotan Dvir, Assaf Lederman, Gili Inglis and Dror Shoval

                Barbur Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel 

2014        Collaboration with Kerem Shemi and Amir Pinchasi, curated by Dan Ormian, HaKubia, Jerusalem, Israel

2014        NO,Jerusalem Hostel, curated by Adi Yekutieli, The Jerusalem Festival, Jerusalem, Israel

2014        APPROACHING, Invisible Cities, curated by Yehudit Shlosberg Yogev, The Cube, Jerusalem, Israel          

2008        Alrov Mamilla Avenue Public Art Program, Jerusalem, Israel


2023        Performance Residency, Monira Foundation, NJ, USA

2022        Ponderosa Artist Residency,  Stolznhagen, Germany

2020        Performance Keyholder Residency, A.I.R. Gallery, NY, USA

2015        MASH Dance House, Jerusalem, Israel

2015        Beita Artist Residency, Jerusalem, Israel

2014        Lake Studio Dance Research Residency, Berlin, Germany

2014        Aesthetics & Bias, Wroclaw, Poland


2023        NYSCA/NYFA Artist Fellowship: Craft/Sculpture

2020        ILYSM Artist Grant

2020        Foundation for Contemporary Arts Emergency Grant

2012        The Hadassah Award for Artists/Social Activist 


2021         Hannah Phang, What Would The Egg Do?, Crystals. Clits. Climate, Podcast, video, USA

2020        Jenna Elizabeth Gonzalez , ILYSM zine, USA

2020         Glenn Adamson, Crafts Magazine, UK

2018         Willyi Wang, 儿童疗养院, Grace, China

2018         Galerii Miejskiej Arsenał w Poznaniu „Estetyka i uprzedzenia”   Magazyn Szum, Poland

2015         Dario Rutigliano, Katherine Williams, LandEscape Art Review, ISSUU, UK


2017-20   MFA Hunter College CUNY, NY, USA

2014        The World is Sound, (SMASH) Berlin, Germany

2009-14   BFA Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem, Israel

2012        Student Exchange, School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, USA

2006-8     Musrara Art College (HaKubia), Jerusalem, Israel  

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