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Movement Research Series, Barbur Galley, 2015
Collaboration with Dotan Dvir, Assaf Lederman, Gili Inglis and Dror Shoval
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#1 Score led by Dotan Dvir:

Prolog: Instinctive dance.


Main body of score: Each dancer needs to develop at least one solo, one duet and one trio and to leave the space at least once.

Epilogue: All the dancers meet and create a quartet which they bring to a point near the wall at the other side of the room. 

Musician: Ronnie Wagner


Neither Savage nor Wise, Desperate Times - Desperate Measures, Avshalom Suliman

#2 Score led by Dror Shoval

Duo: impro with closed eyes with there face covered, then the second duo

A open session that there is always one that in improvising with voice and movement. the rest are improvising in relation to a action they did on a object before the session

Score # 4 led by Assaf Lederman

 Phase, motif , shifting

A specific element that moves in a shared space with other moving elements, and has a relation with them .

Distinction, if achieved, creates a space that enables shifting and development.

Guest performer: Aviv Sheyn

Musician: Ben Niran

Score #5 led by Ye'ela Wilschanski:

Sit at the front row, gradually voice.

Enter the space , define when you are a body and when you are a voice.

Bring to a ending - face the audience , fade the voice

Guest performer: Sivan Zarifi

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