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Memorial Wreath 2015

video, 2:32 minutes

Participants in memorial rituals for victims of violence are educated to be drawn toward dead flowers of the memorial wreaths and to pollinate them resulting in reproduction and the formation of new wreaths and ceremonies. In addition to mourning individuals, the function of these gatherings is to reinforce communal beliefs. 


In the bees' social structure, the individual bee who stings an enemy will die as a result of doing so. The rest of the bees will benefit from the individual's action because the enemy has learnt to avoid bees in the future. 


I am interested in the similarity between the seeds and the wings, underlining the dead end.


* The bees were collected from their hives where they had died from natural causes. The video was shot at the site of the ants' colony, the ants were not transported or harmed for this video. 

Memorial Wreath/2

Installation and Performance. 

Flowers, duct tape

The audience sat inside the gallery. The performed tool place on the sidewalk outside the galley.

Thank you to "Beita"  Home for Social Art in the City, Jerusalem.

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